liliswipe Magnetic Stripe Reader
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liliswipe Magnetic Stripe Reader

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Your payment solution.

The liliswipe credit card reader is available as an official MFI lightning accessory designed to work with our K head. It provides pass-through power to your iPad, ensuring it's always fully charged inside the kiosk. If used with a Pro style mount, you can undock the head unit and process transactions as you walk around. In this case, the swiper draws power from the tablet. It is a triple-track reader capable of reading credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and even driver's licenses. liliswipe offers optional encryption and tokenization at the head level, ensuring your customer's data is safe and secure.

The lightning version can be configured with either a Magtek or Verifone head; the Magtek head supports most encryption keys available while the Verifone head supports Verifone's proprietary Transarmor encryption technology.

Select the version that corresponds to your neck type (MagDOCK on the Pro line or USB on the Basic line).

Note: Custom integration with your iOS app or use of our Kiosk Management System iOS app will be required.


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