ACS RFID reader tablet kiosk
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RFID Reader Accessory Enclosure


Product Overview

Attach a RFID or NFC reader.

These powered accessory enclosures securely hold your choice of the Serialio ID Champ , Flomio Floble Plus / ACS ACR1255U-J1  or RFideas WAVE ID Plus RFID / NFC readers and fits our H or P Heads. It comes with a charge cable for your accessory.

This accessory can be used with our H or P Heads and any Pro or Basic kiosk. 

NOTE 1: Not available for after-market purchase; must be purchased with Head.

NOTE 2: Pro kiosks must be Dual Charge Mount (also works with Basic kiosks).

Note 3: RFideas Wave ID Plus currently only works with Lightning iPads and requires an apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter (customer supplied).

Serialio ID Champ installation video

ACS ACR1255U-J1 installation video

RFideas WAVE ID Plus installation video