01 Nov , 2013

Well today we procured and test-fitted an iPad Air in the lilitab tablet kiosk system. See pictures below.

  • Per our previous post the iPad air is both thinner and narrower than the iPad 4, luckily the home button & front facing camera are in the same place!
  • It looks as though the rear facing camera has moved just enough that it might be an issue with our rear-facing camera opening (it does fit in the opening but it's not completely centered)
  • The black power trigger you see to the right of the first photo below (this allows you to use a paper-clip to actuate the power button on an iPad 2/3/4) is the wrong shape to actuate the iPad Air's power button (it's moved).
  • The Magkey will not work on the new iPad Air, see our next blog post for more info.

With the above caveats the only thing necessary to make the iPad Air work in the lilitab kiosk system are different height silicon bumpers installed into the rear shell. We are working on sourcing these and should have a solution for our clients next week.

Of course Apple has announced that the iPad 2 will continue to be available through the end of 2014 so until we have a complete integration package for the iPad Air you can continue to source iPad 2's (or 3's or 4's if you can find them) for use in the lilitab iPad kiosk system.

Questions? Post them here we're happy to answer ;-)

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